Welcome to Mykonos Bodyguards!

Mykonos Bodyguard & Security Services division company manages a wide range of highly skilled private security bodyguards  and high ranking close protection officers. All our staff has a professional background of serving in Greek Army Special Police and Military Force units. They all have an extensive training in providing private security services to VIP’s, Celebs, Villas and government officials, our aim is to provide our clients with the highest quality of service, safety and privacy while traveling in Mykonos or Greek soil.

Our bodyguards and special CPO’s are highly qualified and experienced for their assigned tasks. All of our bodyguards and agents have served in top units in the Greek army or Police Force and are fully qualified to handle various crisis events and/or combat situations in Greece.

In addition to our bodyguards experience in handling security projects, they have organizational skills which adds to the successful security implementation of a project. That having been said, we are able to provide the best possible match between individual client requirements and the relevant bodyguard-specific skills.

Mykonos Bodyguards is part of  Privé – Exclusive Concierge – one of the leading Concierge & VIP Travel companies in Greece.