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Mykonos Bodyguard & Security Services division company manages a wide range of highly skilled private security bodyguards and high-ranking close protection officers. All our staff has a professional background of serving in Greek Army Special Police and Military Force units. They all have extensive training in providing private security services to VIPs, Celebs, Villas, and government officials, our aim is to provide our clients with the highest quality of service, safety, and privacy while traveling in Mykonos or Greek soil.


Our bodyguards and special CPO’s are highly qualified and experienced in their assigned tasks. All of our bodyguards and agents have served in top units in the Greek army or Police Force and are fully qualified to handle various crisis events and/or combat situations in Greece.


In addition to our bodyguards' experience in handling security projects, they have organizational skills which add to the successful security implementation of a project. That having been said, we are able to provide the best possible match between individual client requirements and the relevant bodyguard-specific skills.

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Mykonos Bodyguard Services

We provide Security and VIP Bodyguard Protection Services in Mykonos to CEOs, Diplomats, Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs), and their families as well as celebrities who are often more vulnerable to threats. The Security of your holiday villa also is a frontline defense and deterrent as either part of our security services, or as a stand-alone residential security service. No one should feel at risk or vulnerable, especially when on holiday.


Personal VIP bodyguards for celebrities in Mykonos and all other parties needing superb executive protection in Greece. We are among the best protection companies serving nationally and internationally. Our elite team members all possess military and police expertise, are deeply experienced in close protection, and are profoundly responsible when on duty. Armed or unarmed close protection options for your specific requirements at affordable rates.


Our elite team of bodyguards is the best in all measures of performance, and among the most used bodyguard agency services in Mykonos and other destinations in Greece. Some are needed for a day event, others on a weekly basis or even on a permanent basis. We provide all time periods for your personal security.

Mykonos Close Protection Services

Mykonos Bodyguards offers comprehensive and high-quality armed and unarmed security guard services. We provide integrated and cost-effective security solutions for commercial and residential/villa security guard services in Mykonos and any other nationwide destination.


We strive to have an optimal balance between technology and services that best meets the needs of the customer: burglary, fire, access control, vehicle security patrol, property management, close protection, etc.

We have a diverse range of services to meet our customers' requirements and have a broad geographic footprint to meet the demand for security patrol services, static guards, and executive protection officers.


Mykonos Bodyguards' elite team offers complete security guard services personnel, vehicle patrol, and specialized protection solutions. Start protecting your business, your villa, and your family today with the security guards at MB. We differentiate ourselves by listening to our client's security and safety needs and then making appropriate security assessments. We offer specialized security and bodyguard protection services to our clients by helping them solve their security challenges by offering real solutions.

We are committed to our client’s security guard protection needs and provide top-notch security guard protection officers with the most extensive training and integrity in our industry. 

Mykonos Villa Security Guards

Our Mykonos Villa Security company offers licensed uniformed security, Mykonos detective Services, Executive Protection, VIP Protection, and patrol services in Villas located in Mykonos, Athens, or any other destination in Greece.


Our years of experience as an international safety provider give us an advantage and what makes us stand out is our highly skilled personnel. Our security agency delivers professional security guard services in Villas in Mykonos and other islands in Greece.


Our licensed Security Guards Villas consultants work closely with our head of security with all clientele on a personal level to ensure the utmost safety will be delivered. Our agency provides customized security solutions.

You can never be too careful, especially when traveling to Mykonos and while you are away from your villa and having fun at Nammos beach or Scorpios. We make sure your villa and your belongings are secured.


Our Mykonos-based head of villas security will visit the premises and design and execute the plan of action (villa security plan).


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Mykonos Bodyguard and VIP Security Services

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